Leveraging your vendors to get the best results is one of the most important factors for a successful product launch and trusting your team to perform is paramount. We focus on the strengths of our global team of manufacturers based on our nearly 20 years of experience and know that the need for manufacturing where it makes sense continues to escalate. REVA has facilities in the US, Mexico and Asia to provide our OEM customers trusted solutions.

Supply Chain

Handling all of the details of your Production requirements.

You know what it takes to successfully roll out a product, and it can be overwhelming. Our team of experts is entrenched in the process and are here to help you successfully manage all of the details of manufacturing your production, leveraging all of the modern tools and solutions available in the world of modern manufacturing. We are a trusted resource to help your Product Development team succeed.


Made where it makes sense.

Influenced by our "manufacture where it makes sense" ethos, we look at the question through the lens of what is most beneficial for our customers. This makes the choices crystal clear, choose locations in which best leverage the manufacturing service being performed. Thus, REVA has machining, tooling and molding facilities in the US, Mexico and Asia. We work directly with our customers in providing these options and which allows us to choose together where it makes sense to manufacture.