About Us

REV A MFG, founded in 2005, is a trusted, customer service focused global Production Manufacturing company headquartered in the U.S.

Built by the founders of a world-class prototype model shop , REV A MFG was created with the vision to provide a platform focused specifically on production, hence the business name REV (as in Revision) A, the first production version of a part.

Today we are a passionate group of manufacturing professionals that believe communication and relationships in manufacturing are important. We build lasting partnerships along with modern project management tools, trusted, traditional manufacturing services alongside accredited quality systems. With a dedicated focus on exceptional customer service, you can expect something a little different, yet very familiar with REV A MFG.

We work with leading OEM's helping bring to market both prototype, short-run production and full blown, lights out production versions of their products with over 85% of our customers sourcing their on-demand, recurring production orders from us.

Thanks for visiting, we are looking forward to working with you.

Our Team

Donovan Weber - President and co-founder

In the early 90’s Donovan co-founded Forecast 3D, a successful prototype model shop that grew into a serial production Additive Manufacturing business, and one of the largest independently owned business of its kind. REV A MFG was created as a path to focus on helping customers jump from prototype and short-run technologies into the world of traditional production methodologies. His focus today is continuing our growth into a world-class, modern, streamlined and customer focused manufacturing company.

Donovan began his career in manufacturing as a six year old in his grandfather’s workshop, a WW2 Navy SeaBee and machinist. Having come from a large family as one of five boys, today he is thrilled to be a part of a great team at REV A MFG and can be found driving old cars, enjoying the outdoors, snowboarding, fishing, diving and raising his own squad of three adventurous boys.

Matt Nebo - Director of Business Development - West Coast

Matt spent the first 10 years of his career in Manufacturing on the floor of a successful prototype model shop starting in the late 90’s. Working with his hands and learning everything he could related to Additive Manufacturing and Urethane casting; he realized his true passion for working directly with customers and moved into Project Management and then on to Sales. Adding MJF, Injection Mold and Sheet Metal experience under his belt over the course of a few years, he possesses a vast and diverse body of technical information in the product development process and manufacturing. He uses his extensive wealth of knowledge in product development learned in his time in operations and his passion for people to help teams successfully bring products to life.

When not helping folks in the world of manufacturing, Matt enjoys golf and being a Dad. Coaching his two kids through baseball, soccer, dance, football and whatever else piques their interests.

Barry Coyle - Director of Business Development - Midwest

Barry graduated from Miami University (Ohio) with a degree in Chemistry and comes from a long line of scientists, engineers and storytellers. His foray into manufacturing continues the family tradition and there is nothing that brings him more joy than helping individuals and companies refine and manufacture their ideas into physical products. Barry is well known amongst his clients for being a welcome resource and creating lasting partnerships.

On weekends you will find Barry with family and friends, biking, hiking or in the field growing gourmet garlic.

Bryce Martel - Director of Business Development - East Coast

Bryce graduated from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia with a degree in science and a focus on marketing where he also played baseball but always had a strong passion for design and engineering. Starting his career in the world of CAD, CAM and 3D printing software, he soon moved into a prototype service bureau, learning everything about Additive Manufacturing, CNC, Sheet Metal, Injection Molding and Urethane casting. With REV A MFG, Bryce has been able to capitalize on all of his learnings in the product development process and help guide clients through that phase into Production.

Bryce now calls Richmond Virginia home along with his wife and two sons and continues to play baseball with his boys and help clients all up and down the East Coast.

Ray Yeh - Senior Project Manager

Ray began his career in the supply-chain business, always fascinated with how the manufacturing processes worked. Moving into a role as a Buyer, he learned what was important from a customer standpoint and has now been in a Project Management role, with a passion specifically for Injection Tooling and Molding for the last 8 years. Ray most enjoys working through a design and producing and reviewing a good DFM report with a customer.

Ray has recently become a new father and is enjoying everything that comes with the Dad role.

Harley Scott - Senior Project Manager

Harley has always had a passion for manufacturing, tinkering and disassembling everything he could get his hands on. Beginning machining courses while in high school, he double majored in CNC Machining and CAD Design and founded the 3D Printing Club. Nothing more satisfying for him than helping customers see a project through from beginning to completion.

After hours you will find Harley working on various mechanical projects related to motorcycles or strange automobiles. Harley is also a licensed HAM radio operator, avid paintball player, and loves to play any kind of percussion instrument.

Our Philosophy

REV A's mission is to continuously seek improvement in order to provide our customers access to high-quality, tried and true Production Manufacturing services.

We believe that manufacturing is not only about the right process, but also about relationships and great communication.

Our team is a group of seasoned, vibrant manufacturing professionals that are here to bolt in when needed and be a part of your team and success.

We strive to be a company that meets your goals, gets product to you on time, exceeds your expectations and is considered an important and trusted partner and vendor.

Work With You

Every day our OEM customers are bombarded by unexpected market forces - new products, the latest technologies and ups and downs in the financial markets. They accept and live with those pressures. We believe that the manufacturing companies that represent them must do so too.

At REV A MFG the ability to help customers navigate change is what drives our choices - from how we run our business to the talent we hire and the technology we leverage.

Choose Our Location

REV A MFG is well known for its geographic platform. Our decision about "where to grow" is influenced by our "manufacture where it makes sense" thinking. We look at the question through the lens of what is most beneficial for our customers.

This makes the choices crystal clear - choose locations in which best leverage the manufacturing service being perfomed. Thus, REV A has facilites in the U.S., Mexico, Vietnam, Taiwan and China. These are the places our customers need and want to do business, and the places where it makes sense to manufacture.

Run Our Business

Walk through the facilities here at REV A MFG and ask anyone what's different about the company. No matter in which office, state or time zone, a REV A team member will no doubt answer in one word - culture. Culture is shorthand for thinking differently about what makes people happy at a company and in turn what gets results for our customers.

Above all, REV A MFG is a company that takes responsibility to ensure that every product we make meets our customer's expectations. We value the highest standards of honesty and integrity and make sure that all of your objectives are met before the project is complete. We believe that no other manufacturing resource can match our combination of cost effectiveness, innovation, and speed to bring your products to market.


Above all, REV A MFG is a company that takes responsibility to ensure that every product we make, meets our customer's expectations. We value the highest standards of honesty and integrity and make sure that your objectives are met before the project is complete. No other resource can match our combination of cost effectiveness, innovation, and speed to bring your products to market.


We are always looking for passionate, like-minded individuals to join our team.

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